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  Faith is built on our history.

As we tell the story of our experiences of Faith we find out what we

For instance the experience of ‘Conversion’ is our particular story of that
word. For me it was a mystical experience in the early ’70s when I committed my
life to Jesus. This life changing experience has been helped by the term ‘born
again’. I was mystically introduced to a consciousness of God’s Spiritual Realm
in a moment. One minute I was vaguely aware of ‘spiritual realities’ the next I
was experiencing them first hand as life changing reality. I have never doubted
the life changing quality of that experience.

Others I know seem to understand ‘conversion’ as a position where they used
to not believe certain spiritual precepts and conversion has allowed them to
accept those precepts as true. For them it was far more of an intellectual
experience than a mystical one.

Still others discovered that their experience of Faith provided spiritual
energy to change their view of how they would act or believe about others. It
has enabled them to see that God is at work in social justice change and they
are called to do so as well.

Still others have experiences of changes in the value of liturgical
awareness. Liturgy was meaningless to them before and now it has deep meaning as
expressions of worship.

Interestingly all these descriptions have become very real for me over the
years of an evolving and growing Faith.

The danger for me, and I imagine for others, is to avoid trying to convince
everyone they have to believe the way I do.

My experience is rich and beautiful but it places no obligation on you. It is
offered as a possibility of something deeply important. But I fully accept that
you may have other spiritual needs that can be met differently. I know, very
deeply, that there are many expression of God. Please tell me about the
important ones to you?


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